ALIGN T-REX 700E F3C Super Combo-Servolar ve Gyro Dahil

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Trex 700E F3C V2 Features:

Brand new all metal high precision and high rigidity main blade assembly, providing 3 positive/negative deltas and numerous Bell & Hiller mixing ratios.

Innovative sliding battery tray rails imbedded into the 3K side frames, with patented spring loaded latching mechanism, allowing for quick battery access as well as battery protection.

Precision CNC machined aluminum pieces including elevator servo mount, rudder servo mount, rudder control bell crank arm, vertical and horizontal fin mounts.

Top mounted motor base bringing the motor's center of gravity closer to rotating disc, improving 3D agility and allowing blade drafts to cool the motor effectively.

Newly designed one piece stainless steel main gear hub to improve rotational stability. Utilizes highest spec CNC module-1 helical main gear, with highest load tolerance and lowest noise.

Motor mount consists of third bearing block to provide motor shaft support, effectively reduce torque induced shifts, and minimize gear striping issue.

Brand new CNC machined tail gear box, with thicker side plates to increase rigidity. The more streamlined design also allows for simpler disassembly.

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